Full Body Sensual Massage plus Tantra Prolonged Teasing and Prostate Massage in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Tantra Goddess Relax & Enjoy! my special Extra Attentive, Sensual Tantric Touch. I am 41 with 38DDD (Yes they are real!).

Tantra massage is all about pausing, and restarting at special moments during your session to allow several levels of arousal to build and subside over and over until you have a releasing burst of energy :). My full body tantric rubdown will leave you completely relaxed, content, and with goose bumps from your nose to your toes :)

My session rates are all inclusive, and include, but are not limited to, a lingam massage, with or without a prostate massage, internal, or external, your choice, upon request. I also offer, upon request, my own specialty called "Female 101" where you will learn techniques that will drive any woman wild, guaranteed!

I am often described by my clients as Classy, Intelligent, Warm & Personable and very Friendly!

Come and find out for yourself why I have over 80% repeat clients -Kimberly xoxo

Full body tantra sessions offer a great deal of benefits including but not limited to the ability to prolong, and achieve heightened states of pleasurable sexual sensations by: transforming, recycling, and finally storing the sexual energy rather than quickly releasing and leaving you to feel completely drained of all your body energy.

Frequent sessions can help one overcome pre-mature ejaculation. Ultimately, you will immensely increase your sexual confidence levels and become a far better lover than you ever imagined.

The delicate touch Alternating between long deep penetrating strokes will stimulate your body's electric current, and awaken the chakras of your body. This will enhance the body’s ability to heal emotional, physical, and spiritual. Scars from your current and past lifetimes will be melted away into tantalizing ecstacy.

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