Enjoy a special Tantra Massage Las Vegas. Experience the tantric touch!

Simple, EZ, fun & friendly…..UNCOMPLICATED

Relax and Enjoy and let me melt your stress away with my Special, EXTRA Attentive, Sensual Tantric Touch. I am 41 with 38DDD (yes, they are REAL!!!)

Tantra massage is also known as edging massage. Building up, then subsiding, over and over, all that built up tension, until you let it all go, intensely, deeply, leaving you exhilarated and relaxed like never before (See more details in the services/rates and about me sections.) Learn more about my services and rates for my Tantra Massage Las Vegas offerings.

For Gentleman over 21 only.

Session Includes

Enjoy a special Tantra Massage Las Vegas. Experience the tantric touch!

Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy a special Tantra Massage Las Vegas. Experience the tantric touch!

Sensual Massage

Enjoy a special Tantra Massage. Experience the tantric touch!

Tantra Massage / Tantric Techniques

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Full body Tantra massage sessions offer a great deal of benefits including, but not limited to, the ability to prolong and achieve heightened states of pleasurable sensations by : transforming, recycling, and temporarily storing the erotic energies rather than quickly letting them go, resulting in a far better and fulfilling, intensified, ultimate relaxation experience. Don’t know what a tantra massage is? Learn more here.

Frequent sessions can help one overcome anxiety and control issues. With adding the female 101, you will immensely increase your confidence level and become a far better lover than you ever imagined. *note: this is not sex or prostitution

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Enjoy a special Tantra Massage Las Vegas. Experience the tantric touch!


Extremely pleased with Kimberlys many talents . Time well spent. Wish I had found her earlier and hadnt Wasted my time with others. (Ok I admit, I was being kind of cheap). Lesson learned.

- This guy (2018-03-29)

I decided to try everything. I never had a tantra massage before but read up on them. Loved it. She drove me crazy with what she does, and very very good, I might add. She is also very pretty and her breasts are pretty damn near perfect and real. .she is also on the voluptuous side, but I love curves. I also never had the prostate massage and also had read up on it. I was nervous but she was kind and explained it before and during. Very intense and also very good. If only I can convince my woman to do that lol. The female 101 I was clueless about but sure was glad I added it. Now I get why she calls it 101. Gotta relearn stuff I thought I knew from the beginning ha ha. I learned soooo many things or should I say relearned… it was great hearing and seeing what women like, from a woman. It was invaluable. This was the best part of my vegas trip. Finally I felt I got my moneys worth in this town.

- Michael (2018-03-29)

WOW is all I have to say. Very sensual. Very erotic. Loved the edging and body to body stuff. Goose bumps . And to think I was nervous. Lol. Very hot and sexy. I will be back for sure.

- Brad (2018-03-15)

Im blown away by Kimberlys tantra massage. Im still thinking about it. I travel all over the world and have had many, but none have her techniques. So glad I found her. Cant wait to get back to Vegas to see her again.

- Dan w (2018-03-01)

Best Tantra massage in Las Vegas.. I’ve tried many many massages here as I’m a local..kimberly’s style and techniques are the real deal without all the fake fluff and upsells. Truly a gifted, skilled, kind person… can’t believe I didn’t see her sooner. I found my regular girl.

- Greg (2017-02-23)